No 62   May 18


            I had 4 children in 4 years,

            And life was very tough,

            The hours that there were each day,

            Just didn’t seem enough.


            I didn’t get out very much,

            My social life had gone,

            And sleep was hard to come by,

            In fact it felt like none.


            At the end of our road was a chapel,

            They started a Young Wives Group,

            It was every other Tuesday,

            A little break from all my troup.


            One of the young wives I met there,

            Became my best friend and helped me all along,

            We are best friends still today,

            And now she’s 91.


            There was a carol service,

            The young wives helped to run,

            As usual I was rushing round,

            My baking I had done.


            It was my birthday on that day,

            No time for parties then,

            This would be my party,

            And it was 10 am.


            Eunice had saved me a seat,

            By then I was in bits,

            She said what have you got for your birthday,

            “Well if you must know I’ve got nits”.