No 63   May 19


            Thank you all so much,

            For the comments you all send,

            Itís good to feel Iím helping,

            You know itís always good to help a friend.


            I wish that I could do more,

            But if you would like to know my thought,

            Itís stay in, just as we are,

            Until something more positive is brought.


            I feel so very proud of everyone,

            You have all managed to adjust

            I knew you all would make it,

            In a crisis we know who to trust.


            By staying in weíre helping,

            These numbers to come down,

            One thing we donít want,

            Is the numbers to have grown.


            The experts are all baffled,

            No answers they have found,

            I think weíre doing more to help,

            By just sticking to our ground.


            I know youíd like your freedom,

            But for now it just canít be,

            But I feel sure when we get the ĒAll ClearĒ,

            It will be down to you and me.