No 64   May 20


              Ive known Geoff since he was a boy,

              Probably no more than eighteen,

              All the family played Crown Green Bowls,

              With us hes always been.


              Many many years later,

              When my first husband passed away,

              Geoff and I got married,

              We had a perfect day.


              He used to live in Huddersfield,

              Quite near the local club,

              He played in all the team games there,

              And stood in for any job.


              One morning getting out of bed,

              His glasses he couldnt find,

              He went back to check the club,

              In case hed left them behind.


              To get his insurance,

              He had to phone the police,

              They gave him a number,

              That he would need for ease.


              They rang him back with good news,

              His glasses had been found,

              They were beside a bag of chips,

              Over a wall, upon the ground.


              Going home hed felt quite hungry,

              And for some chips did call,

              I think he made a big mistake,

              When he sat upon that wall.


              So use your imagination,

              Chips and glasses on the ground,

              He always has been lucky,                             

              They may never have been found.  


              So if you would like my advice,

              For some chips you plan to call,

              Youd better take them home to eat,

              Than sit upon a wall.