No 65   May 21


            Well we are celebrating,

            It’s Geoff’s birthday today,

            We can’t go out and live it up,

            Inside we’ll have to stay.


            Most are off work right now,

            So it really seems a joke,

            I’ve given him a poem to type,

            So he will have to work.


            I know all the families planning,

            To have a party on line

            This seems to be the thing right now,

            I know they’ll make it fine.


            We’ll all be in our own homes,

            And on the laptop we’re all shown,

            No cooking this time for Celia,

            Everybody has their own.


            So seeing as it’s Thursday,

            And our clapping we will do,

            Because it is your Birthday,

            We’ll stick one in for you.