No 66   May 22


            You often say the things I write,

            Are just what youíve been thinking,

            Well that might not be so today,

            You may think Iíve been drinking.


            I like the world as it is now,

            Not the virus, of course,

            But over these last twenty years,

            Things have just got worse,


            No-one has time anymore,

            Their lives are one big rush,

            Since we have had to stay inside,

            Thereís been a bit of hush.


            For instance, when people buy a dog,

            A walkís one thing it needs,

            But they canít be bothered,

            So give someone else the lead,


            The pubs are open half the night,

            With bouncers on the door,

            Thereís often someone fighting,

            Itís not pleasant anymore.


            So when they let us out of here,

            Letís lead a better life,

            Ďcause lifeís too short for worrying,

            We just donít need the strife