No 67   May 23


            Well, Iíve been to a shop today,

            I think I did just fine,

            I put a scarf around my face,

            And went and got in line.


            The queue was all marked out for me,

            They made it very clear,

            The people at the back and front,

            I had not to get near.


            I stood there like a zombie,

            We only moved quite slow,

            At last the lady at the front,

            Told me that I could go.


            When we finally got back home,

            I really felt relieved,

            Iíd been into a shop (Big Deal),

            Something else I had achieved.


            I like to be independent,

            On others not depend,

            But my granddaughterís just told me,

            Itís a holiday weekend.


            Well yippee, another holiday,

            Iím afraid I couldnít care,

            Itís yet ANOTHER HOLIDAY,

            And Iím not going anywhere.


            Iím really waiting for the day,

            In a poem I can report,

            Geoff and I have packed our bags,

            And we need our passport.