No 69   May 25


            This pandemic has lots to answer for,

            Things you donít think about,

            Itís changed my personality,

            Something I could do without.      


            Iíve developed a split personality,

            Some days I feel quite glad,

            At the way we are coping,

            But then I feel quite mad.


            Iím glad because weíve done so well,

            And are sticking to the rules,

            But then Iím mad because out there,

            Thereís such a lot of fools.


            Iím glad because Iím still here,

            To see my family grow,

            Then mad again because I feel,

            Me, theyíre not going to know.


            Some days I feel quite happy,

            Weíre keeping our health in check,

            But others I get fed up,

            Itís a real pain in the neck.


            I think I would be really glad,

            If improvements I had seen,

            But then Iím feeling mad again,

            No changes there have been.


            When weíve been in for all these weeks,

            Changes thereís bound to be,

            So when we finally meet again,

            I hope youíll know itís me.