No 70   May 26


            When I’d been married 3 years,

            I had a busy time,

            My life was oh so hectic

            A mountain I had to climb.


            My children were all very small,

            I had 30 nappies every day,

            These were the ones you had to wash,

            Not use and throw away.


            Money was a little tight,

            So I thought I’d have a go,

            I used my mothers old machine,

            And taught myself to sew.


            It’s something I got good at,

            One year we went away,

            I made my girls 9 dresses each,

            27, one for every day,


            All four of them fitted in the bath,

            And when they’d gone to sleep,

            I’d get my machine and material out,

            And another session I would keep.


            I made their bridesmaid’s dresses,

            Their bouquets and headdresses too,

            I also did the night buffet,

            This was always a big “do”,


            So now when I am locked inside,

            I need something to do,

            That’s why I love writing all these poems,

            And sending them to you.