No 71   May 27


            I must say I knew nothing,

            When this was brought to my attention,

            I just could not believe it,

            When I was put into detention. 


            At school I did avoid this,

            And never had it to sample,

            Because as I was Head Girl,

            Id to set them an example.


            I got a job at the Town Hall,

            And thought that Id dropped in it,

            But when I started working there,

            I hated every minute.


            I worked in the Rates Office,

            I added up all day,

            No calculator to help me,

            And 2.10 shillings was my pay.


            Its best sometimes to not look back,

            Because it makes you think,

            The pay I received for 5 days,

            Wont buy our kids a drink.


            But Im glad that I was born then,

            We all managed somehow,

            I know Id have more problems,

            If I was young just now.