No 72   May 28


            When we started isolation,

            Just for a week or two,

            I said so we can keep in touch,

            Iíd write some poems for you.


            Well now itís over 70,

            And Iím still going strong,

            And every day Iím happy,

            Someone new has joined our throng,


            I try to keep it topical,

            And though things do keep changing,

            When I run out of ideas,

            I do some re-arranging.


            So I write about my family,

            Sometimes funny, sometimes sad,

            But then of course thatís how life is,

            My stories make you glad.


            Weíve known each other many years,

            You thought you knew me well,

            It goes to show youíve no idea,

            When all these tales I tell.


            Depending how long we are in,

            Other snippets you may see,

            Itís obvious Iíve got lots to tell,

            Because Iím 83.