No 73   May 29


            I love reading all your comments,

            It is so good for me,

            In fact when you say I read your thoughts,

            I feel like Gypsy Rose Lee.


            I know if I was Gypsy Rose Lee,

            I’d give you some idea,

            When you could start to celebrate,

            ‘cause we’re getting out of here.


            We left the caravan 10 weeks ago,

            Not knowing we had to cross a bridge,

            Yesterday I was worried,

            If we’d left something in the fridge.


            The ground rent is expensive,

            In March we’d had three week,

            It’s costing lots of money,

            Waiting for this thing to peak.


            I can’t wait to take the family back,

            To the Pleasure Beach we’ll go,

            It brings me so much pleasure,

            When on the rides we go.


            There’s rides that I don’t go on,

            They’re up to Geoff to do,

            The kids all really love them,

            Because HE gets wet through.


            So I’ll just keep on wishing,

            This year it’s going to be,

            ‘cause I’ve been going since I was 5,

            Now they let me in for free.