No 74   May 30


            Well the weekends here again,

            As if anyone will know,

            I only really know this,

            Ďcause Facebook tells me so.


            Everyday Iíve got to think

            What day is it today,

            I religiously turn round the calendar,

            So it is on display.


            Many of you will remember,

            From when you were quite young,

            Every day had itís own jobí

            And this was always done.


            I remember Monday was wash day,

            With no washers, quite a chore,

            We always had cold meat and chips,

            From the joint the day before.


            Thatís why I hated Mondays,

            Mum was such a wonderful cook,

            Iíd just think about Tuesday,

            And hope for better luck.


            Tuesday she went shopping,

            And Wednesday she would clean,

            I canít remember the others,

            Such a long time it has been.


            Well now it doesnít matter,

            No need to think of this,

            Ďcause weíre all here in lockdown,

            And donít know what day it is.