No 75   May 31


              You seem to like my memories,

              But life is not all fun,

              So I’ll try to keep them coming,

              And write another one.


              I think most of you know by now,

              My mum is up above,

              But for the short time that I had her,

              We had the greatest love,


              She’d walk 2 miles every day,

              Although it was uphill,

              She was always there at the school gates,

              One day she was so ill.


              We got home and she went to bed,

              The doctor said “no doubt”

              You’ll have to go to hospital,

              And have your appendix out.


              She said I won’t leave “Our Celia”,

              She wouldn’t even try,

              The doctor grabbed his case and said,

              Well just lay there and die.


              I was probably about 10 years old,

              I nursed her for 3 days,

              When the doctor decided to come back,

              He said it had gone away.


              Well probably 12 months later,

              I ‘d pneumonia so hospital it had to be,

              Mum said “right I’ll have my appendix out”,

              She wanted to be with me.


              The doctor wouldn’t operate,

              It wasn’t the thing to do,

              He said tomorrow you’ll be really ill,

              And Celia will need you.


              When she had to leave me,

              My mum was in a state,

              At 7am the next morning,

              She was at the hospital gate.


              We were more like sisters,

              My mother, my best friend,

              She made me who I am today,

              At 18, it had to end.