No 76   June 01


            Iím just in a dilemma,

            When your comments I do read,

            Iíd really love to reply to you,

            You give me what I need.


            My need is inspiration,

            You certainly keep me going,

            I know when you keep in touch,

            Iíve got to keep them flowing.


            As everyone is reading,

            Thinking what to say that day,

            Iím here just looking forward,

            To what youíve got to say.


            I canít grumble at isolation,

            Well, I suppose I could,

            But look at where it got me,

            Itís done me so much good.


            So Iíll keep sending poems to you,

            No doctors I will see,

            What I get from you is better,

            Than the rubbish they give me.