No 77  June 02


            Today it will be question time,

            Youíre answers must be ďcleanĒ,

            Iím asking you what games you play,

            So youíll see what I mean.


            Geoff and I play different games,

            And we both like to win,

            Weíve got cupboards full of many games,

            We pick one and begin.


            We play a lot of Scrabble,

            Hoping it will help me spell,

            I must admit Iím not too good,

            And never do right well.


            We also play canasta,

            Thatís a game you all should try,

            I often do quite well at this,

            I mark (so that is why).


            Geoff taught me to play 5ís & 3ís,

            Itís dominoes that makes you think,

            Geoff used to play in teams at this,

            When he went for a drink.


            It can be so much different,

            If you are on your own,

            Geoff often plays a game he likes,

            Solitaire is on his phone,


            On my laptop I play a game,

            Itís called MyVegas and itís free,

            When we go to Vegas,

            Thereís free hotels and shows for me.        


            This lockdowns not a problem,

            I write poems, Geoff types them all for you,

            I hope you are all managing,

            And finding things to do.