No 78  June 03


            Today I felt like baking,

            But what would be the point,

            I have nowhere to take it,

            Iím stuck here in this joint.


            I keep doing a little bit,

            Just keeping my hand in,

            But Geoff says although he loves it,

            He would like to get thin.


            Iíll dream that it is Saturday,

            And a Shelf day it could be,

            As I canít do the dancing,

            Itís all of you I want to see.


            Because itís been a long time,

            When you sign in my book,

            If Iíve forgotten what youíre called,

            Iíll have to take a look.


            Donít worry, Iíve not forgotten you,

            And you know my day it makes,

            When I can put a buffet on,

            And bring you all some cakes.


            I think it will be interesting,

            To see if thereís a chance,

            When people get up on the floor,

            Theyíll remember how to dance.


            Donít expect Geoff to help you,

            Ďcause all the dances heís forgot,

            Heís been too busy typing,

            Iíve made him lose the plot.