No 79  June 04


            Now children learn things very young,

            And from their mothers parted,

            Some of them can nearly read,

            Before all of mine got started.           


            Things are so much different now,

            The children start Pre School at three,

            My son was nearly 5 years old,

            No way would he leave me.


            I tried to talk him round a bit,

            But he didn’t want to know,

            He just hated school, “full stop”,

            And didn’t want to go.


            Then I got really worried,

            Every morning he was ill,

            But he suddenly got better,

            When the bus went up the hill.


            He had 3 little sisters,

            I didn’t send them away,

            He wanted to be home with them,

            Just stop at home and play.


            He was a funny eater,

            And left his food each day,

            The doctor said let him have school dinners,

            He’ll eat or he won’t play.


            Some dinner money went missing,

            They’d to turn their pockets out,

            I listened with my fingers crossed,

            And trying not to doubt.


            He said “Do you know what they found in mine”,

            My heart just missed a beat,

            He hadn’t liked his dinner,

            That’s where he’d put his meat.