No 80  June 05


            Although it isn’t what we want,

            I think we’ve learnt a lot,

            We’re enjoying things we used to do,

            Many we’d forgot.


            Like watching films together,

            And maybe take a walk,

            And something that we don’t do now,

            Just sit and have a talk.


            Maybe buy a can or two,

            When you do the shopping for a week,

            When you’ve had a drink one night,

            You’ll think well that was cheap.


            We’ve got through all our housework,

            The garden is just fine,

            We get out the garden furniture,

            And sit outside and dine.


            The weather’s been so beautiful,

            In fact we’ll have some drinks,

            And then get on a sunbed,

            For a well earned forty winks.


            We’ve usually got so much to do,

            Not enough hours in a day,

            What we’ve done this afternoon,

            You’d think we’d been away.


            I don’t think life will be the same,

            When the isolation’s through,

            But please try to remember,

            The good times it brought you.