No 82  June 07


            Just a few short months ago,

            We were invaded by this “thing”’

            Back then no-one could visualise,

            The devastation it would bring.


            We really didn’t know much,

            Didn’t realise we were at war,

            Because this war was different,

            Than anything before.


            We were all enlisted,

            We began to doubt,

            When we all had to stay indoors,

            And told not to go out.


            Men, women & children,

            We all had to stay in,

            And the leaders of our country,

            Couldn’t tell us anything,


            Slowly but surely,

            Everything was all closed down,

            Just the bare necessities,

            Opened up in our “Ghost Town”,


            It’s gone on over 3 months now,

            And we’re still left in doubt,

            No-one seems to have a clue,

            When we will all get out.


            When we finally do get out,

            Things will not be the same,

            There had to be some changes made,

            And there’s no-one we can blame,


            So we’ll have to help each other,

            And pray this war will end,

            I do know that we’ve kept in touch,

            And call each other friend.