No 83  June 08


              I was married at 19,

              My husband went on a trip,

              To the Motor Show in London,

              On the bus I managed to slip.


              It was just really for who worked with him,

              But he said he wouldn’t go,

              He really wanted to be there,

              But without me he said no.


              When we got in to London,

              We’d to find somewhere to stay,

              We didn’t have much money,

              And never went away.


              The Ritz it definitely wasn’t,

              But of course it had to do,

              We were young and didn’t care,

              It was just something new.


              The bathroom was down a corridor,

              First morning I went in,

              There was a geyser on the wall,

              You put your money in.


              When I put my money in,

              There was an almighty bang,

              The geyser had exploded,

              And in my ears it rang.


              There were tiles blown off the bathroom walls,

              Some landed in the bath,

              I had a job to get back out,

              I couldn’t find a path.


              My husband said we’ll have to say,

              Up to me, (I just knew it),                               

              I found the owner, downstairs,

              And didn’t know how to do it.


              I was terrified to tell her,

              And how much money she would say,

              I knew we didn’t have so much,

              And couldn’t afford to pay.


              I plucked up all my courage,

              I knew the blame was mine,

              She said, oh don’t you worry love,

              It happens all the time.