No 84  June 09


            Just a little while ago,

            I said in the last war,

            People were so friendly,

            And looked after one another more,


            Well the other day we went to town,

            We went for some new plants,

            When I saw the queue outside,

            I thought there was no chance.


            Geoff said that we should go back home,

            And come back later on,

            It made more sense to do that,

            The queue then might have gone.


            I decide I wanted them,

            And Im the one who picks,

            I just know what plants we need,

            So I picked up my sticks.


            I joined the back end of the queue,

            There were so many in it,

            When someone tapped my shoulder,

            And said have you got a minute.


            He said will you please follow me,

            Queuing for disabled is banned,

            Ill be back in a minute,

            With a trolley from the stand.


            So though weve got isolation,

            And it has not been great,

            For me it would be worth it,

            If a new world it creates.