No 85  June 10


            For those who just donít know,

            Iíve not danced for a while,

            I just sit there feeling envious,

            And try to raise a smile.


            Just to have to sit there,

            Is harder than you think,

            If I was that way inclined,

            It could turn me to drink.


            I had a new knee 3 years ago,

            Itís worse than it was before,

            My bad back Iíve had for 40 years,

            Just doesnít work no more.


            Where we live thereís lots of hills,

            To take a walk is hard,

            But we both need the exercise,

            Thatís something we canít discard.


            Weíve found a route, about a mile,

            The first half all downhill,

            But then to get back home again,

            Iíll tell you, itís no thrill.


            The first time that we did it,

            I needed to use my sticks,

            Weíve done this for a fortnight now,

            And at last Iíve got my kicks.


            The last 2 days weíve done it,

            No sticks, just determination,

            I feel that Iíve achieved something,

            And all through isolation.


            So if weíre still stuck in a while,

            And we try to walk some more,

            You never know, the day may come,

            When Iím back on the dance floor