No 86  June 11


            It must have been coincidence,

            But when I was 18,

            My mum said we’d have a party,

            Not being here at 21 she couldn’t have foreseen.


            Those days no-one had a party,

            Until they were 21,

            I’m so glad that it happened,

            At 21 she’d gone.


            My husband was doing his National Service,

            And for my birthday wasn’t home,

            It looked like my 21st birthday,

            Would be spent all alone.


            The girl I worked in the office with,

            Asked me what my plans would be,

            I said I would stay at home,

            She said “No, you’ll stay with me”


            My Birthday is near Christmas,

            My husband could not get leave,

            Christmas is a time for joy,

            Not for me, I did believe.


            When it got to Christmas Eve,

            The worst Christmas, that’s for sure,

            I went to answer a great big knock,

            My husband came through the door.


            Because of my situation,

            He’d asked for special leave,

            It was the best Christmas present I could get,

            In Santa I believe.