No 87  June 12


            Well weíve been locked up a long time now,

            How have you all faired,

            I donít know if you feel like me,

            It does make me feel scared.


            With all the rules and regulations,

            I think I might be doing wrong,

            I may queue in the wrong place,

            And not where I belong.


            I see people I have known for years,

            But dare not get too near,

            My voice is very quiet,

            I donít think they can hear.


            Weíre waiting for instructions,

            Opening next, what will it be,

            I hope itís the hairdressers,

            Iím desperate you see.


            The social distancing is needed,

            And I suppose,doing itís job,

            But it makes you avoid other people,

            I really feel that Iím a snob.


            So before they let me out again,

            Iíll have to get it right,

            The world has changed before my eyes,

            I hope weíve won the fight.         


            But when we finally are free,

            Iím sure youíll remember the time,

            When Celia sent you a verse each day,

            And got it all to rhyme.