No 88  June 13


            Well Saturdayís come round again,

            Our day weíll re-arrange,

            And think of something else to do,

            To give ourselves a change.


            I think we will go out tonight,

            Weíve found this little bar,

            Itís the best place weíve ever been,

            And it isnít very far.


            I think the cook is special,

            And the foodís always the best,

            Weíve been to lots of places,

            But this is better than the rest.


            The waiter is quite something,

            Brings us everything we require,

            He looks quite a lot like Geoff,

            Iíll see if heís up for hire.


            When heís cleared the tables,

            A game weíll have to find,

            Thereís plenty here to choose from,

            No-one seems to mind.


            We didnít need a taxi,

            Itís not so far to roam,

            In fact itís very handy,

            And just like being at home.


            Weíve had a really smashing night,

            This place in mind weíll keep,

            And the best thing we did find,

            The drinks were Oh so cheap.


            Itís something to look forward to,

            Now Iíll go up to sleep,

            And try and have a lovely dream,

            About coming here next week.