No 90  June 15


            My kids knew I hated motor bikes,

            I said we’re having none,

            Then my youngest daughter,

            Came home and she’d bought one.


            I really was unhappy,

            So I took myself to bed,

            She barged into the bedroom,

            I was shocked at what she said.


            You’ve been and gone and done it,

            I said what are you on about,

            You’ve punctured my tyre,

            So I can not go out.


            It really gave me some relief,

            I couldn’t understand,

            That this thing had happened,

            Better than I could have planned.


            I wouldn’t let her take it out,

            She was ready to explode,

            I said she needed lessons,

            Before she went on the road.


            I followed her to her lesson,

            And waited for her to arrive,

            When I asked her the verdict,

            She said “They say I’m not fit to drive


            When she got better at it,

            She went out on the road,

            After 20 minutes it broke down,

            She had to push it home.


            This happened each time she went out,

            She never got too far,

            It suited me down to the ground,

            I was a dreadful Ma. 

            This went on for quite a while,

            Until she said one day,

            I’m fed up of the blooming thing,

            I’ve had it thrown away.


            The reason we found out later,

            The lad she’d brought it from,

            Had lost his cap from the petrol tank,

            And used a towel to see him on.


            So after she’d gone about a mile,

            It clogged the petrol flow,

            I guess that luck was on my side,

            But I didn’t let her know.