No 91  June 16


            Geoff and I are feeling now,

            We can give some justification,

            We seem to have made it work for us,

            This enforced isolation.


            Were still going on our walk,

            Were trying to do it more,

            One day we went round three times,

            Itll either kill or cure.


            Weve also had the poetry,

            Its kept us busy, you could say,

            Me writing, Geoff typing,

            To send you one each day.


            And then we love to hear from you,

            It really makes our day,

            When we sit back with a coffee,

            And read all the things you say.


            Im just trying to cheer you up,

            See what comfort it could bring,

            But to be really truthful,

            We still dont know a thing.


            The leaders are playing Hokey Cokey,

            And leave me in a trance,

            Put your right lot in, your left lot out,

            Theyre leading us a dance.


            Of course it could be my age,

            But it would certainly help me,

            If everyone was kept in,

            Or let us all go free.