No 93  June 18


            I think that we have managed,

            The situation we are in,

            By learning how to cope with it,

            A new way of life begin.


            But some times the little small things,

            Make us realise what we’ve lost,

            And there are things in our lives,

            That we value the most.


            When we started lockdown,

            Our youngest great grandchild couldn’t walk.

            And now she’s off walking,

            And has now started to talk.


            I know it’s just a small thing,

            But it meant so much to me,

            My eyes began to fill up,

            And I could hardly see.


            Her sister is just 6 years old,

            And shouted “Grandma” from the car,

            Then suddenly the little one,

            Looked at me and said “Grandma”.


            You’d have thought I’d won the lottery,

            This one word she had spoken,

            Made me put pen to paper,

            To relate this lovely token.