No 94  June 19


            Let’s put life in perspective,

            And let it run its course,

            Although we’ve found it difficult,

            It could have been much worse,


            When we have our babies,

            And the future seems so bright,

            Everyone asks “what you’re having”,

            You say “I don’t care, if it’s alright”.


            Well sometimes we’re not lucky,

            And your life is full of strife,

            To help your little baby,

            Try to live a normal life.


            When you are out and look around,

            People being wheeled round in a chair,

            They maybe never going to have a life,

            Sometimes life’s unfair.


            So let’s think of our situation,

            A few months in lockdown,

            Then hopefully we’ll be lucky,

            And go back to the life we’ve known.


            So think how lucky we have been,

            To have the life that we were given,

            For looking on the black side,

            We need to be forgiven.


            So though we’ve not been happy,

            We know we will recover,

            Just think how lucky we have been,

            Not born a life to suffer.