No 95  June 20


            I donít know if youíve noticed,

            Tomorrowís the longest day,

            Where did this year go to,

            I havenít been away.


            In fact I have been nowhere,

            Iíve altered my lifestyle,

            Iíve started doing lots of things,

            Iíve not done for a while.


            It really hasnít been so bad,

            Weíve had to change our ways,

            And think of something different,

            So we could fill our days.


            You must look at the funny side,

            And yourself youíve got to ask,

            12 months ago, would you have thought

            Youíd go round in a mask.


            And then of course when we see a friend,

            Thereís no going for a snack,

            We just wave to them and blow a kiss,

            And ask them to stand back.


            The year has had itís problems,

            Of that make no mistake,

            The NHS were wonderful,

            Our contributions we did make,


            So when the History books come out.

            I wonder if thereíll be room,

            For someone who loves to bake,

            And write a little poem.