No 96  June 21


            Following the passing of Vera Lynn,

              Her performances I recall,

              She was the forces sweetheart,

              I remember although I was small.


              Well one her songs came back to me,

              “It’s a Long Way To Tipperary”,

               I thought I’d add it to my poems,

              I thought it necessary.


              “It’s a long way to reach a hundred,

              I’m sure I can make it,

              Even though I’ve been locked up,

              I still feel very fit.


              Good-bye Corona Virus,

              Farewell staying in,

              We’ll see each other very soon,

              A long time it’s been.”


              All the war songs bring back memories,

              Many loved ones we did lose,

              The last few months we’ve gone through,

              Is not something we would choose.


              Though these things come to try us,

              We always have succeeded,

              That is because, as usual,

              We are there when we are needed.


              Sing to the tune of Tipperary,

              That’s the 3rd & 4th verse,

              Mines really only for a laugh,

              It couldn’t have been worse


              I do know what you’re saying,

              And I must agree,

              Just do not ever sing again,

              Keep to your poetry