No 97  June 22


              When I was about 30,

              Well, I was not a kid,

              Iíll tell you of my afternoon,

              I canít believe just what I did.


              My sister in law said, letís have a change,

              And try and go horse riding,

              I should have put more thought in it,

              I was too quick deciding


              We went up to a local farm,

              And waited for a horse,

              I wanted something like Red Rum,

              It couldnít have been worse.


              The thing was really sweaty,

              I couldnít have been sadder,

              And to get up there onto itís back,

              I would need a ladder.


              Eventually we got set off,

              To the moors we had to go,

              The horse just didnít listen,

              And just went far too slow.


              By the time we got onto the moors,

              I was ready for a change,

              Lorraine said right Iíll swap you,

              If you want to exchange.


              So there I am, no ladder,

              I could not get on the thing,

              Lorraine said time is running out,

              Youíll have to try to fling.


              I flung myself on to the horse,

              But the pain I couldnít hide,

              When I went right over it,

              Landing on the other side.


              I did not like that afternoon,

              One of the worst Iíd known,

              But now we were on the road,

              The horse knew itís way home.


              It suddenly started flying,

              Now it was just like Red Rum,

              I couldnít sit down for a week,

              Because of my sore bum.