No 99  June 24


            It was supposed to be two weeks,

            I got it all so wrong,

            Weíve been in here for 3 months now,

            And still donít know how long.


            I always hated gardening,

            But I had it to do,

            I now think this isolationís great,

            Iíve got talents I never knew.


            We set off really early,

            So we donít have to queue,

            We get the pick of all the plants,

            Itís great at B & Q.


            Our garden now looks beautiful,

            Weíve got everything just so,

            Just now itís most important,

            Itís the only place to go.


            We had a wrought iron garden seat,

            Bought as a wedding gift,

            I hope the thieves who took it,

            Put their backs out with the lift.


            We want to go to the caravan,

            We really love it there,

            I know that our granddaughter,

            Will treat our plants with care.


            Sheíll come and get the hose pipe,

            The children want it too,

            The trouble is itís much more fun,

            When they all go home wet through.