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APRIL  2014

April 30th


Last class before a 2 week break for our holiday in Marco Is. Florida. Didn’t teach anything new, just recaps. Recapped last weeks 2 dances “MONA LISA” (Daniel Whittaker) & “BACKWARDS” (Rachael McEnaney & CountryVive) mixed response to both, some like one some like the other but the majority doing both. Also recapped “BELONGS TO YOU” (Lizzie Clarke) every body doing this, they love it. Also recaps of “ROCK YA BABY” (Pat Stott & David Morgan) & “TRUTH OR DARE” (Karen Hadley) both going well. Quick walls of a few others when needed.


Playlist was :- Black Heart, 50 Ways, Knocking On Wood, Liquid Lunch, My First Love, Wow Tokyo, Amame, Dance With Me Tonight, Pasanda, Something In The Air, Throw Away The Key, In My Heart, Dream Lover, Drive By, Fly High, Mona Lisa, Fall In Love, Timber, Backwards, Belongs To You, The Story Of My Life, Mona Lisa (again), I Hope You Find It, Backwards (again), Hit The Floor, Belongs To You (again), Rock Ya Baby, All I Can Say, Truth Or Dare, No Mans Land, New York 2 LA & Jumpin’ Up.


That’s it now for a couple of weeks, looking forward to meeting a lot of our friends in Florida and we’ll be open again Wednesday May 21st.