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August  9th

Another good turn out at class this week. After having difficulty deciding what to teach decided to go with 2 new ones this week, one easy and one not so easy. First up was “WANDERING HEARTS” choreographed by Maggie G & Gary O’ to a very catchy track “Wish I Could” by The Wandering Hearts. It’s a 32 count, 2 wall dance (no tags or restarts) that was an easy teach and the class soon picked up and kept everyone on the floor when we danced it again. Second one was a little harder, “AGAINST ALL ODDS” another fabulous dance from Simon Ward choreographed to Phil Collins track of the same name, think this has now become my current favourite. It’s a 38 count 2 wall dance classed as High Intermediate with 1 restart and a 4 count tag that just flows to the music. Unfortunately we lost quite a few along the way ( probably due to all the turns) but the one’s who stuck with it loved it and said they just needed more practise on the back wall. Just hoping a few more will give it a go next week, I’m sure they won’t regret it. Recapped last week’s dance “EVERYDAYS A HOLIDAY” (Fred Whitehouse), everyone on the floor again for this so has the makings of a big hit at our class. A few other recaps where needed.

Playlist was :- Second Hand Heart, Slam Goes The Door, Dear Friend, Rock & Roll Music, Italiano, Tongue Tied Up, Better When I’m Dancing, Take Me To The River, Beautiful In My Eyes, Scared Of The Dark, Dy Na Mite, Gypsy Queen, Lady In Red, Slowly Gently Softly, Wandering Hearts (twice), I Came To Love You, Against All Odds, Strip That Down, Everydays A Holiday, Skin, Love On The Weekend, Cry For Me, Refund To My Heart, We’re In Heaven & Loves Just A Feeling.


Our next Social at Shelf will be on Saturday 19th August, non stop dancing to your requests from 8.00 pm – 11.00 pm, everybody welcome.