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AUGUST  2010

Week Commencing August  16th

Monday night at Shipley had an excellent turn out, again nothing new in the early session, just lots of reviews. Second half taught Paul McAdam’s  “HAUNTED”, personally think this is a fabulous dance but one or two weren’t so keen, will have to see how it goes. Did a few recaps including last week’s dance “NIGHT WORK” (Jo & John Kinser & Mark Furnell), big hit this one and “PACK UP” (Craig Bennett) also going well. 

Playlist for the night was :- Red Hot Salsa, Stroll Along Cha, This & That, Tennessee Waltz Surprise, Wishful Thinking, Commitment, Smokey Places, Life Without U, Little Red Book, Pot of Gold/Country Walking, Rhyme or Reason, Black Coffee, Mojo Rhythm, Cowboy Charleston, Quarter After One, Heartbreak Express, Wakira, I Run To You, Night Owl, Haunted,  Quitter, Night Work, Up Up Up, Plan B & Pack Up. 

On Wednesday at Saltaire we taught Kate Sala’s new one “DRIP DROPPIN”, described as Advanced on the step sheet but more of an Intermediate dance in my opinion. 48 count 4 wall dance with a 32 count tag (really only 16 counts that are repeated) and a couple of restarts. At first our only problem was to remember to restart the dance on count 33 after the tag but once we sorted that no problems. Great response from our dancers with everyone up all three times we danced it, looks like a winner at our class. Had intended to teach Kath Dickens “NIGHTSHIFT” this week, but unfortunately it’s been put back a week, great dance so looking forward to teaching that.  Recapped last weeks dance “HAUNTED” (Paul McAdam), a lot more up for it this week and “NIGHT WORK” (Jo & John Kinser & Mark Furnell) both going well with the class

 Playlist for the night was :- Fire On Ice, Bad Influence, Rhyme Or Reason, Playing With Fire, Stuff You Gotta Watch, Cranky, You And I, Peek A Boo, Broken Heels, Tennessee Waltz Surprise, Night Owl, Human Dancer, Wild, Shoes Of Another Man, Plan B, Drip Droppin (twice), Upside Down, Haunted (twice), Wakira, Night Work, American Honey, Drip Droppin (again), I Run To You, Pack Up, Coochie Bang Bang, Fire With Fire, I Want That Man, Up Up Up, Quitter & Quarter After One.