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AUGUST  2010

Week Commencing August  2nd

Good night at our Monday class at Shipley, early session taught “AFTER MIDNIGHT” (Judy McDonald), went down very well with the class.  In the second half taught “PACK UP” (Craig Bennett) which also received an excellent response from our dancers and looks like being a hit at both our classes. 

Playlist for the night was :-  Stroll Along Cha, Grundy Gallop, This & That, Tennessee Waltz Surprise, Smokey Places, Commitment, After Midnight, Country Walking/Pot of Gold, Life Without U, Where I Belong, Broken Heels, Bosa Nova, Wakira, Tush Push, Quarter After One, Live Laugh Love, Rhyme Or Reason, Plan B, Pack Up, Upside Down, I Run To You, Wild, Night Owl, Fire With Fire & Up Up Up. 

Excellent turn out on Wednesday at Saltaire,  and a fabulous response to the new dance for the night which was “NIGHT WORK” choreographed by Jo & John Kinser & Mark Furnell. Best reaction to a dance from our class for some time with everybody on the floor all three times we danced it. A 64 count, 4 wall dance choreographed to “Night Work” by The Scissor Sisters, with 3 restarts and fits the music like a glove. Expect this to be a big hit for this very talented trio of choreographers. Recapped last week’s dance “PACK UP” (Craig Bennett),  going very well as is the other we recapped Maggie G’s “FIRE WITH FIRE”. Also did quick walls of several other recently taught dances. 

Playlist for the night was :- Life Without U, Gave It All Away, Rain Against My Window, Wild, Tennessee Waltz Surprise, Quarter After One, Human Dancer, Fire On Ice, Playing With Fire, I Want That Man, Cranky, Rhyme Or Reason, Night Owl, Poker Face, Plan B, Night Work (twice0, After Midnight, Up Up Up, Pack Up, Upside Down, Fire With Fire, Night Work (again), American Honey, I Run To You, Peek A Boo, Quitter, Wakira, Acapella & Broken Heels.