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AUGUST  2014

August 27th


Back to a quietish week at class this week. Still managed to keep the floor reasonably full as there are so many good dances about at the moment. The new one for this week was no exception, Kate Sala’s “FIREBALL” choreographed to a track of the same name by Pitbull. A 64 count 4 wall Intermediate dance with an easy 16 count introduction and one restart. Nothing hard about this one and looks certain to be a winner at our class with a full floor all 3 times we danced it. Expect it to do very well in the dance charts and looking forward to dancing this with Kate in Tampa in November. Recapped the easy one from last week, “THOSE WERE THE DAYS” (Daniel Whittaker & Rob Fowler) another proving to be popular with our dancers . Didn’t get through as many dances this week as there were so many requests for recaps which included “EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE” (Neville & Julie), “YOUNG BLOOD” (Peter & Alison) & “ONE TRACK MIND” (Alan Birchall)


Playlist for the night was :- Liquid Lunch, Knockin’ On Wood, Something In The Air, Jumpin’ Up, The Story Of My Life, Dream Lover, Wow Tokyo, Fly High, Such A Fool, Belongs To You, New York 2 LA, Enigma, All I Can Say, Truth Or Dare, Fireball (twice), Walking On Air, Those Were the Days (twice), Borrow My Heart, Everything Will Change, Ring My Bells, Fireball (again), Young Blood, One Track Mind, Light On & Outcast.