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December 14th 

Went for something nice and easy this week as it's Christmas Party next week and don't want to spend too much time reviewing dances. Francien Sittrop's "BAIE BAIE" was the choice choreographed to a catchy track "Daar Doer In Die Donker" by Kurt Darren, a 32 count, 4 wall beginner/intermediate dance with 2 x 4 count tags. Didn't get as good a response as I expected, perhaps it was a little too easy for this class but we'll stick with it as quite a few were quite happy to have an easier dance and enjoyed it.  Re-capped "FOOTLOOSE" (Rob Fowler), more on the floor for it this week but still not getting the response I expected, I think it's a great dance. Other recaps included "DANCE WITH ME TONIGHT" (Peter & Alison), "DOMINO" Rachael McEnaney & " MR WONDERFUL" (Craig Bennett) all big hits with the class.

Playlist for the night was: - I Run To You, Party Freak, Plan B, Playing With Fire, Amame, Drip Dropping, Close To Paradise, Beyond Your Eyes, On The Edge, Cranky, The Rush, Devotion, No Scandal, Move A Like, Baie Baie (twice), Mr Wonderful, Footloose, Rock Your Body, You And I, Dance With Me Tonight, If You Were Mine, Dr Flame, Dirty Dancer, Domino, My Motivation, Love 2 Dance, Alabama Slamming & Only Girl.