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December 7th 

Quiet night at our class this week, seemed to be lot’s of people away for one reason or another. New dance was Rob Fowler’s “FOOTLOOSE” choreographed to the Blake Shelton track from the 2011 movie “Footloose”. A 48 count, 4 wall dance with 3 tags & 3 restarts, not half as complicated as it might sound. Unfortunately didn’t get the response from the class I expected  with quite a few sitting down once we started to dance it. Very disappointing as I think it’s a great dance and fits the music perfectly, you can’t win ‘em all !! Hopefully if we get a better turnout next week there’ll be lots more doing it. Recapped last week’s dance “DANCE WITH ME TONIGHT” (Peter & Alison), this is a big hit with our dancers. Other recently taught dances recapped were “DOMINO” (Rachael McEnaney) & “MR WONDERFUL” (Craig Bennett) both going down well and filling the floor.

 Playlist for the night was :- Upside Down, The Flute, People Are Crazy, Drip Dropping, Alabama Slamming, Burlesque, Party Freak, I’m No Good, You And I, Only Girl, Beyond Your Eyes, No Scandal, Devotion, Move A Like, On The Edge, Close To Paradise, Footloose (twice), Dr Flame, Dance With Me Tonight, The Rush, Mr Wonderful, Domino, If You Were Mine, Footloose (again), My Motivation, Rock Your Body, Dirty Dancer, Love 2 Dance & Dance With Me Tonight (again).