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Week Commencing February 7th

Quite a good turn out at our Monday class at Shipley this week, new dance for the early session was “13 MWZ” which was very well received by all the dancers plus lots of recaps. Nothing new in the later session, recapped “WE BELONG” (Robbie McGowan Hickie) which we had taught last week plus quick recaps of “DIRTY BIT” (Shaz Walton), “ANOTHER “HEARTBREAK (Robbie McGowan Hickie) & “BUSY” (Jo & John Kinser), all these proving to be very popular with the class. 

Playlist for the night was :- Waltz Across Texas, Grundy Gallop, Tennessee Waltz Surprise, Heartbreak Express, Little Red Book, Rio, 13 MWZ (twice), Bobbi With An I, Ribbon of Highway, Pot of Gold, Playing With Fire, Come Dance With Me, Amame / County Line (split floor), Upside Down / Easy Come Easy Go (split floor), Commitment, Coochie Bang Bang / Black Coffee (split floor), People Are Crazy, Drip Droppin’, Another Heartbreak, Quarter After One, We Belong (twice), Busy, Dirty Bit, Snap Your Fingers, Unpredictable, Nightshift & Night Work. 

On Wednesday at our Saltaire class the new dance for the night was one of our favourites from the Crystal Boot’s weekend “FRAGILE NOT BROKEN” choreographed by Dee Musk to the track of the same name by Natalia. A 64 count, 2 wall dance with one restart, an instant with all our dancers with everyone on the floor all three times we danced it.  As we couldn’t have a class last week due to the hall being unavailable we needed to do lots of recaps which included “WE BELONG” (Robbie McGowan Hickie), “DIRTY BIT” (Shaz Walton), “ANOTHER “HEARTBREAK (Robbie McGowan Hickie) & “BUSY” (Jo & John Kinser), all these also filling the floor. 

Playlist for the night was :- Rhyme Or Reason, People Are Crazy, Upside Down, Fire With Fire, Amame, Quarter After One, Pot of Gold, Playing With Fire, Human Dancer, Wonderland Waltz, Snap Your Fingers, Bobbi With An I, Nightshift, Pack Up, Plan B, Poker Face, Fragile Not Broken (twice), Drip Droppin’, We Belong, Night Work, Dirty Bit, Everything I Do, Unpredictable, Another Heartbreak, Fragile Not Broken (again), Coochie Bang Bang, Busy, I Run To You, & Box It Up.       Ran out of time and missed two of our favourite dances You’re Amazing & Don’t Miss A Thing.