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Week Commencing February 8th

Monday Class at Bingley 

New dance for the early session was  “TENNESSEE WALTZ SURPRISE” choreographed by Andy Chumbley to Tennesee Waltz by Ireen Sheer, a 2 wall Beginner dance that can also be enjoyed by all levels of dancers. They loved it. Second half of the evening taught Craig’s new one from the Awards “WILD”  to a great version of Wild Horses by Susan Boyle, got a good response from the majority of the class.

Playlist for the night was :- Easy Come Easy Go, I Just Want To Dance, Country Walking, Tennessee Waltz Surprise (Twice), My New Life, Grundy Gallop, Cranky, Picnic Polka, Heartbreak Express, It Hurts, Mojo Rhythm, Playing With Fire, Louisiana Swing, Born To Love U, Go Mama Go, Wild (twice), Shoes of Another Man, Broken Heels, Bad Influence, Just Dance Away, Rain Against My Window, Hands Up & Upside Down. 

Wednesday Class at Saltaire 

Seem to be falling behind at our Wednesday class due to all the cancellations because of the weather, why does it snow every Wednesday ?  Had intended to teach two dances this week but the majority wanted only one so went with Craig Bennett’s “WILD”, a few not so sure about this after dancing it the first time but it was growing on them after another couple of dances, looks like it will be popular at our class. Recapped “BROKEN HEELS”( Jo & John Kinser & Mark Furnell) & UPSIDE DOWN (Kate & Robbie), both big hits with our dancers.

Playlist for the night was Tumbling Rush, We Believe, Time To Swing, J Ho, Bad Influence, Fire on Ice, Rain Against My Window, Mojo Rhythm, Cranky, Release Me, Toes, Go Mama Go, Playing With Fire, Human Dancer, Born To Love U, Poker Face, Wild (twice), Amame, Shoes of Another Man, Broken Heels, Evacuate the Dancefloor, Upside Down, Just Dance Away, Louisiana Swing, Beautiful, Hands Up, Wild (again), Run, & Straight Thru.  Ran out of time for two of my favourites Coochie Bang Bang & Hey Mama.