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Week Commencing February 14th

Monday night at Shipley recapped last weeks dance ”13 MWZ” in the early session plus lots of other recaps. Second session taught “FRAGILE NOT BROKEN” choreographed by Dee Musk, one of our favourites from the CBA weekend. Great response from the class on this one and looks like being a big hit at both our classes. Also lots of recaps of recently taught dances

Playlist :- This & That, Rio, Picnic Polka, Tennessee Waltz Surprise, Smokey Places, Grundy Gallop, Pack Up / Duck Soup (split floor), Pot of Gold, Playing With Fire, 13 MWZ, Come Dance With Me, Upside Down / Easy Come Easy Go (split floor), Amame / County Line (split floor), Drip Dropping, Commitment, People Are Crazy, Quarter After One, Fragile Not Broken (twice), Bobbi With An I, Dirty Bit, We Belong, Another Heartbreak & Busy. 

On Wednesday at our Saltaire class we hadn’t intended to teach anything as we were going away on holiday the following morning but then had a change of mind and decided to teach “BURLESQUE” choreographed by Norman Gifford to “Welcome to Burlesque” by Cher. Had looked at this dance a few weeks ago and wasn’t too sure about it, but had than read & heard  so many reports on how popular it was decided to give it a go. Certainly glad we did as it was a massive hit with all the class. Recapped last weeks dance “FRAGILE NOT BROKEN” (Dee Musk) another big hit with all our dancers as are “ANOTHER HEARTBTEAK” (Robbie McGowan Hickie) & “DIRTY BIT” (Shaz Walton) for which we also did a quick recap. 

Playlist for the night was :- Life Without U, Gave It All Away, Upside Down, People Are Crazy, Plan B, Tennessee Waltz Surprise, Pot Of Gold, I Run To You, Nightshift, Wonderland Waltz, Poker Face, Bobbi With an I, Broken Heels, Unpredictable, Playing With Fire, Night Owl, Burlesque (twice), You’re Amazing, Fragile Not Broken (twice), Don’t Miss A Thing, Dirty Bit, Drip Droppin’, We Belong, Burlesque (again), Night Work, Another Heartbreak, Quarter After One, Everything I Do, Box It Up, Busy & Pack Up.