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Week Commencing January 10th 

Quiet night at both classes this week. On Monday at our Shipley class the new dance for the early session was “RIO” (Diana Lowery), nice easy one for them that went down very well. Also went over “POT OF GOLD” (Liam Hrycan) again, most are beginning to master this now, plus lots of other recaps. In the second session  taught “BUSY” (Jo & John Kinser), got an excellent response from the dancers as it had at our Saltaire class last week, everybody up both times we danced it.

Playlist for the night was :- Come Dance With Me, Tennessee Waltz Surprise, Smokey Places, Pot of God (twice), People Are Crazy, Grundy Gallop, Rio, Playing With Fire, Picnic Polka, Upside Down/Easy Come Easy Go, Little Red Book, Amame/County Line, Life Without U, Pack Up/Duck Soup, Pot of Gold (again), Rio (again), Commitment, Busy (twice), Quarter After One, Drip Droppin, You’re Amazing, Unpredictable, Bobbi With An I & Nightshift. 

At Saltaire on Wednesday our new dance this week was Robbie’s “ANOTHER HEARTBREAK” choreographed to “Thank You For The Heartbreak” by The Sugababes, a 64 count 2 wall dance with a tag at the end of wall one and restart during Wall 3. Went down very well with our class with everyone staying up each time we danced it. Recapped last week’s dance “BUSY” (Jo & John Kinser) another one with everyone on the floor so definitely a hit with our classes.

Playlist for the night was :- Bad Influence, Galway Girls, Summer Breeze, Pack Up, Upside Down, Playing With Fire, Tennessee Waltz Surprise, Human Dancer, Plan B, Wonderland Waltz, I Run To You, Fire With Fire, Snap Your Fingers, Night Owl, Another Heartbreak (twice), Quarter After One, Poker Face, Busy, Drip Droppin, Don’t Miss A Thing, Bobbi With An I, Fortune Foxtrot, Another Heartbreak (again), Unpredictable, You’re Amazing, Nightshift, Everything I Do, Box It Up & Night Work.