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Week Commencing January 25th 

Monday Class at Bingley

Nothing new for the early session this week, just lots of recaps and in the second half taught Kate & Robbie’s “UPSIDE DOWN”. A great dance to a track of the same name by Paloma Faith. This has gone down very well at both our classes and certainly looks like one that will stick around for some time.

Playlist for the night was:- Country Walkin’, Easy Come Easy Go, Little Red Book, Wishful Thinking, Picnic Polka, Ribbon of Highway, Speak To The Sky, This & That, Life Without U, T Bone Shuffle, Louisiana Swing, It Hurts, Mojo Rhythm/Cowboy Charlrston, Straight Thru, Picnic Polka (again), Playing With Fire, Bad Influence, Go Mama Go, Upside Down (twice), Hands Up, Just Dance Away, Galway Girl, Coochie Bang Bang, Rain Against My Window, Release Me, Cranky, Shoes of Another Man & Run.  

Wednesday Class at Saltaire

In the weeks we were snowbound with lots of time to watch TV saw Alexandra Burke singing “Broken Heels”, Celia immediately liked the song and asked “Is there a dance to this”, I replied “Don’t be silly, there will be , there’s a dance to everything”. Anyway that leads us to this week’s new dance “BROKEN HEELS” choreographed by The Kinsers & Mark Furnell. Another great dance that was an immediate hit with all the class, a 64 count 2 wall dance with one restart and a little tag and has the all the ingredients of a number one hit.

Recapped last weeks dance “UPSIDE DOWN” (Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie), everybody up enjoying this one. Other quick recaps were “HANDS UP” (Craig Bennett) and “SHOES OF ANOTHER MAN” (Jo Thompson), both growing in popularity.

Playlist was :- Time To Swing, We Believe, Cha Cha Lengua, J Ho, Poker Face, Mojo Rhythm, Pot of Gold, Human Dancer, Bad Influence, Turn Me Loose, Go Mama Go, Shoes of Another Man, Cranky, Run, Broken Heels (twice), Rain Against My Window, Upside Down (twice), Playing With Fire, Hands Up, Louisiana Swing, Coochie Bang Bang, Broken Heels (again), Release Me, Just Dance Away, Straight Thru, Hey Mama, & Evacuate The Dancefloor.