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JULY  2011

Week Commencing July 4th

Last week on Monday at Shipley we recapped another oldie in the early session “HEARTBREAK EXPRESS”, always been a favourite of mine and a floor filler when & wherever we play it. In the second session taught Craig Bennet’s “ON THE EDGE”, a fabulous dance to Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory” which has all the makings of a another number 1 hit for Craig. 

Playlist was :- This & That, Stroll Along Cha, Hello Dolly, Tennessee Waltz Surprise, Heartbreak Express, Bosa Nova, Grundy Gallop, Pot of Gold / Country Walking (split floor), Burlesque, Drip Dropping, Little Red Book, I Am A Good Girl, 1-2-3-4, Pretend, I’m No Good, Come Dance With Me, Playing With Fire, People Are Crazy, Beyond Your Eyes, Only Girl, On The Edge, The Flute, Don’t Be A Drag, Soul Food, Fragile Not Broken, All Of Me, On The Edge (again) & Party Freak.

 On Wednesday night we taught the new one from Robbie McGowan Hickie “NO SCANDAL” a 64 count, 4 wall dance with one restart on the 3rd wall choreographed to “Tentacion” by Marcos Llunas, danced it 4 times  so definitely the makings of a big hit with our dancers. Recapped “ON THE EDGE” (Craig Bennett) & “BEYOND YOUR EYES” (Peter & Alison) both floor fillers at our class. 

Playlist for the night was :- I Run To You, Upside Down, Fire With Fire, Drip Dropping, People Are Crazy, Burlesque, Unpredictable, Only Girl, Playing With Fire, Telling The World, Cranky, Sunset Mambo, Nightshift, Busy, No Scandal (twice),  Soul Food, On The Edge, Don’t Be A Drag, Beyond Your Eyes, All Of Me, No Scandal (again), The Flute, Perfect, I’m No Good, Raise Your Glass, Party Freak & No Scandal (yet again).