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JULY  2010

Week Commencing July 26th

Nothing new in the early session this week at Monday’s class, second half taught Maggie’s “FIRE WITH FIRE” which received  the same good response as it did at last weeks Wednesday class. 

Playlist for the evening was :- Come Dance With Me, Easy Come Easy Go, Irish Stew, Live Laugh Love, Duck Soup. Commitment, Where I Belong, Upside Down, Little Red Book, Tennessee Waltz Surprise, Smokey Places, It Hurts, Mojo Rhythm/Cowboy Charleston, Picnic Polka, Rhyme Or Reason, Pot Of Gold/Country Walking, Wakira, Quarter After One, Up Up Up, I Run To You, Broken Heels, Quitter, Fire With Fire, Night Owl & Plan B. 

On Wednesday at Saltaire our new dance was Craig’s “PACK UP” choreographed to Eliza Dolittle’s “Pack Up”, a two wall 64 count dance with no tags or restarts, received an excellent response from our class. Recapped Maggie’s “FIRE WITH FIRE”  and Rachael’s “RUN TO YOU” both filling the floor. Also qick walls of a few others 

Amame, Rhyme Or Reason, Rain Against My Window, Gave It All Away, Playing With Fire, Human Dancer, Cranky, Stuff You Gotta Watch, Tennessee Waltz Surprise, I Want That Man, Broken Heels, Loving U, Poker Face, Plan B, Pack Up (twice0, Upside Down, Acapella, Fire With Fire (twice), Wakira, I Run To You, You And I, Quitter, American Honey, Up Up Up, Wild, Peek A Boo & Quarter After One.