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JUNE  2010

Week Commencing May 31st

No class at Shipley this week closed for Bank Holiday.  At our Wednesday class at Saltaire we taught a new one from Peter & Alison “ UP UP UP” choreographed to “The Sky’s The Limit” by Jason Derulo. A 2 wall intermediate dance with no tags or restarts. Majority of the class seemed to like it and looks like being a hit at our class.Recapped last week’s dance “NIGHT OWL” (Ryan Hunt) everybody up for this and “ACAPELLA” (Johnny 2 Step) also filling the floor                                          

Playlist for the night was ;- Go Mama Go, Amame, Louisiana Swing, Cha Cha Lengua, Playing With Fire, Tennessee Waltz Surprise, J Ho, Release Me, Cranky, Stuff You Gotta Watch, Fire On Ice, Gleehab, Just Dance Away, Shoes of Another Man, Run, Rhyme Or Reason, Razor Sharp, Up Up Up (twice), Gave It All Away, Night Owl, I Want That Man, You And I, Acapella, Broken Heels, Quarter After One, Up Up Up (again), Upside Down, Loving U, Don’t Kill The DJ, Coochie Bang Bang & Wild. 

Week Commencing June 7th

Good turn out at Mondays Shipley class, new one for the early session was “SMOKEY PLACES” .which everyone seemed to enjoy plus lots of recaps. In the second session taught Ryan Hunt’s “NIGHT OWL”, this having a great response from both our classes a floor filler at both. 

Playlist for the night was :- Just Want To Dance, Cowboy Strut, Ribbon of Highway, Grundy Gallop, Smokey Places, Swamp Thang, Tennessee Waltz Surprise, Playing With Fire, Country Walking/Pot of Gold, Ridin’, Gleehab, You And I, Picnic Polka, Quarter After One, Smokey Places (again), Broken Heels, Tush Push, I Want That Man, Night Owl (twice), Rhyme Or Reason, Loving U, Upside Down, Don’t Kill The DJ, Gave It All Away, Wild & Life Without U.

Very disappointing attendance at Wednesday’s Saltaire class, quite a lot on holiday and other commitments. Taught Neville & Julie’s “AMERICAN HONEY” choreographed to Lady Antebellum’s track of the same name. A few weren’t too keen on the music but hopefully it will grow on them. A nice easy 32 count 4 wall dance with an 8 count tag that you dance twice at the end of walls 3 & 5 and a 4 count tag & restart during wall 6. Re-capped last week’s dance Peter & Alison’s “UP UP UP” , this one doing well, they asked for it again straight away. Also recapped “NIGHT OWL” (Ryan Hunt) and “ACAPELLA” (Johnny 2 Step) both very popular with the class. 

Playlist was :- Bad Influence, It Hurts, Commitment, Go Mama Go, Playing With Fire, All My Heart, Cranky, Tennessee Waltz Surprise, Wild, Rhyme Or Reason, Broken Heels, Rain Against My Window, Poker Face, Gleehab, Stuff You Gotta Watch, Upside Down, Shoes Of Another Man, American Honey (twice), Gave It All Away, Up Up Up  (twice), Quarter After One, Night Owl, I Want That Man, Don’t Kill The DJ, Acapella, Human Dancer, You And I, Loving U and Fire On Ice

Week Commencing June 14th

Nothing new in the early session of Mondays class at Shipley, just reviews, in the second half taught Johnny 2 Steps “ACAPELLA” which received an excellent response from the dancers as it had done at our other class. Recapped “NIGHT OWL” (Ryan Hunt) also a big hit at both classes plus quite a few other recaps during the session. 

Playlist was Stroll Along Cha Cha, Come Dance With Me, Easy Come Easy Go, Grundy Gallop, Tennessee Waltz Surprise, Smokey Places, Live Laugh Love, Pot of Gold/Country Walking, Picnic Polka, Mojo Rhythm/Cowboy Charleston, Playing With Fire, Quarter After One, This & That, Duck Soup, Gleehab, Rhyme Or Reason, Upside Down, Galway Girl, Stuff You Gotta Watch, I Want That Man, Acapella (twice) Go Mama Go, Wild, Night Owl (twice), You And I and Gave It All Away. 

At our Saltaire class on Wednesday night the new dance this week was Maggie’s new one “PEEK A BOO” choreographed to the track of the same name by Cosmo4, a 64 count 4 wall dance with no tags or restarts. Was an instant hit with our dancers with everyone on the floor all three times we danced it. Certainly has the makings of another big hit for Maggie. Recapped last week’s dance “UP UP UP” (Peter & Alison), also a big hit with the class. Also quick recaps of “AMERICAN HONEY” (Neville & Julie) and “NIGHT OWL” (Ryan Hunt) both very popular. 

Playlist for the night was;- Tumbling Rush, Life Without U, Summer Breeze, Rain Against My Window, Wild, Just Dance Away, Stuff You Gotta Watch, J Ho, Tennessee Waltz Surprise, Upside Down, Gleehab, You And I, Gave It All Away, Shoes Of Another Man, Playing With Fire, Cranky, Peek A Boo (twice), Poker Face, American Honey, I Want That Man, Up Up Up, Loving U, Night Owl, Don’t Kill The DJ, Rhyme Or Reason, Peek A Boo (again), Acapella, Go Mama Go and Broken Heels.

Week Commencing June 21st

Monday night at Shipley Club another good attendance, just did recaps during early session then second half taught Peter & Alison’s “UP UP UP”. Excellent response from the class  Also recapped Ryan Hunt’s “NIGHT OWL” a BIG BIG Hit at both our classes and Johnny 2 Step’s “ACAPELLA” also doing well at both classes.                                                      

Playlist for the night was Cowboy Strut, County Line, Grundy Gallop, Little Red Book, Live Laugh Love, Smokey Places, Pot of Gold/Country Walking, Playing With Fire, Tennessee Waltz Surprise, Come Dance With Me, Tush Push, Hooked On Country, Just Dance Away/Stroll Along Cha, Picnic Polka, Gleehab, Broken Heels, Mojo Rhythm/Cowboy Charleston, Quarter After One, Night Owl, Life Without U, Up Up Up (twice), Upside Down, Rhyme Or Reason, Ceanky, Acapella, Loose Boots and I Want That Man. 

It was Party Night at our Wednesday class at Saltaire, great turn out, quite a few came from our Monday class and a few from other local classes. Didn’t teach anything new, just e few recaps of recently taught dances :- Peek A Boo (Maggie G), Up Up Up (Peter & Alison) & Acapella (Johnny 2 Step). Did lots of floor splits so floor was packed all night. 

Playlist (floor splits in brackets) :- Pretend, Tumbling Rush (Electric Slide), Amame (County Line), Go Mama Go, Fire on Ice (Duck Soup), Playing With Fire, Mojo Rhythm (Cowboy Charleston), Live Laugh Love, Gleehab, J Ho (Grundy Gallop), Rain Against My Window, Pot of Gold (Country Walking), Rhyme Or Reason, Upside Down (Easy Come Easy Go), Human Dancer (Swamp Thang), Peek A Boo, Don’t Kill The DJ (Cowboy Strut), Up Up Up, Tennessee Waltz Surprise, Wild (This & That), Gave It All Away, Release Me (Black Coffee), Run (Little Red Book), Coochie Bang Bang, Just Dance Away (Stroll Along Cha Cha), Night Owl, Quarter After One, Poker Face (Hooked On Country), You And I, Bad Influence, C U Again, I Want That Man, Galway Girl, Cranky, Acapella, Razor Sharp & Broken Heels.

Week Commencing June 28th

Quiet night at our Monday class at Shipley, don’t think this hot weather is helping. In the early session we taught “COMMITMENT”, a great response from our class for this one, they loved it. In the second half  taught Maggie’s new one “PEEK A BOO” also went down very well with the class as it has been doing at our Wednesday class for the last couple of weeks. 

Playlist for the night was :- Easy Come Easy Go, County Line, This & That, Picnic Polka, Waltz Across Texas, Tennessee Waltz Surprise, Commitment, Go Mama Go, Gleehab, Country Walkin / Pot Of Gold, Smokey Places, Commitment (again), Upside Down, Louisiana Swing, Broken Heels, Rhyme Or Reason, Peek A Boo (twice), Stuff You Gotta Watch, I Want That Man, Wild, Up Up Up, Playing With Fire & Night Owl.

 At Wednesday’s  Saltaire class we taught “PLAN B” choreographed by Kate Sala & Rob Fowler to “She Said” by Plan B. This dance had taken our eye at our recent Social and went down well with the majority of the dancers. A 64 count, 4 wall dance with 2 tags at end of walls 1 & 5 with some different/ interesting combinations of steps.  Re-capped Maggie G’s “PEEK A BOO”, this has certainly the makings of a big hit, definitely going to be with our classes. Also recapped “UP UP UP” (Peter & Alison) & AMERICAN HONEY (Neville & Jule) 

Playlist was :- Islands In The Stream,. Amame, Go Mama Go, Cha Cha Lengua, Rain Against My Window, Playing With Fire, Tennessee Waltz Surprise, Cranky, Gleehab, Upside Down, Stuff You Gotta Watch, Broken Heels, Rhyme Or Reason, Loving U, Acapella, Plan B (twice), I Want That Man, Peek A Boo, Quarter After One, Up Up Up, American Honey, Gave It All Away, Night Owl, Plan B (again), Wild, Don’t Kill The DJ, Evacuate The Dancefloor, Poker Face & You And I