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JUNE  2014

June 4th


Our new dance at class this week was influenced by reports we had heard from it being taught at another 2 local classes so was one that would be requested at our monthly Socials. Robbie McGowan Hickie’s “OUTCAST” choreographed to a track of the same name by Kerrie Roberts, a 64 count 2 wall dance with one restart on the 2nd wall. A nice easy teach that our dancers picked up very quickly and everyone on the floor all 3 times we danced it so looks like being a hit at our class. Recapped last weeks dance “CHA CHA BURN” (Scott Blevins & Jo Thompson Szymanski) absolutely love this one and the dancers that are sticking with it loving it also. Also did recaps of a few other recently taught dances


Playlist for the night was :- Liquid Lunch, Boys Will Be Boys, Til Forever, My First Love, Knockin’ On Wood, Wow Tokyo, Dream Lover, Something In The Air, Throw Away The Key, Fly High, Pasanda, 50 Ways, The Real World, All I Can Say, The Story Of My Life, Outcast (twice), Timber, Cha Cha Burn, Belongs To You, New York 2 LA, Mona Lisa, Outcast (again), Backwards, Rock Ya Baby, Hit The Floor, Cha Cha Burn (again) & Fall In Love.