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JUNE  2011

Week Commencing June 20th

At our Monday class at Shipley we taught 2 dances, both that we thought were within the capabilities of our early session dancers and certainly enough in them for our Intermediate dancers. First was Niels Poulsen’s “1-2-3-4” choreographed to the very catchy track “1 2 3” by Ann Tayler. At 64 counts (but it doesn’t seem like it) with a 4 count tag at end of walls 1 & 3 and a 12 count tag and restart during wall 6 not half as complicated as it sounds. Quite a fast track so slowed it down a touch this week. Second one was Peter & Alison’s “BEYOND YOUR EYES” choreographed to the track of the same name by Jessica Martinsson. This 32 count 4 wall dance with a latin feel has 2 easy 4 count tags had had an excellent response at our Saltaire class last week and did not disappoint at this class. Re-capped “SOUL FOOD” (Lorenzo “GoLo” Evans), majority of this class loving it. 

Playlist for the night was :- Little Red Book, Cowboy Charleston, Tennessee Waltz Surprise, Hello Dolly, Picnic Polka, Fly Like A Bird, This & That, I Am A Good Girl, Pot of Gold / Country Walking (floor split), 1 2 3 4 (twice), Drip Dropping, Come Dance With Me, Beyond Your Eyes (twice), Upside Down / Easy Come Easy Go (floor split), Soul Food (twice), Telling The World, All Of Me (twice), Party Freak, The Flute, Playing With Fire, Sunset Mambo, Only Girl & Don’t Be a Drag. 

On Wednesday at Saltaire taught Craig’s new one “ON THE EDGE” choreographed to the fabulous Lady Gaga track “Edge Of Glory”. Although described as Advanced on the step sheet there’s nothing particularly difficult about this 64 count 2 wall dance with 3 restarts and it was an instant hit with our dancers, everybody on the floor all 3 times we danced it. Think this has the makings of another BIG hit for Craig. Recapped last week’s dance “BEYOND YOUR EYES” (Peter & Alison) nice easy one with enough in it to make it interesting and a big hit with our class. Also recaps of “SOUL FOOD” (Lorenzo “GoLo” Evans) & “ALL OF ME” & “THE FLUTE” both Maggies. Next week it’s “Party Night” dancing from 7.30 pm – 10.45 pm and the usual fabulous buffet supper, quiz, raffle and stand up bingo. 

Playlist was :- I Run To You, Upside Down, Drip Droppin, Burlesque, Amame, Unpredictable, Sunset Mambo, Playing With Fire, Part Freak, Night Work, Busy, Poker Face, Dirty Bit, Only Girl, Perfect, On The Edge (twice), Don’t Be A Drag, Beyond Your Eyes, All Of Me, You’re Amazing, The Flute, On The Edge (again), Soul Food, I’m No Good, Fragile Not Broken, Telling The World, Another Heartbreak & Raise Your Glass.